Attend TICA ShowCats Chicago Great American Cat Show and Meet & Play with 73 Different Cat Breeds

August 25-27, 2023

McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

Live Events

TICA ShowCats Chicago will present the Great American Cat Show and give Chicagoans the unique opportunity to meet and play with most of TICA’s 73 cat breeds.

Feline Fashion Show
Meow the Catwalk

See some of the cutest cat breeds strut the runway with their special styles and looks.

Meet TICA therapy cats
and their humans.

Get close with these adorable little therapists and see why and how they help so many people ever day.

Learn about Grooming your cat

Expert groomer, Linda Easton Warner, President/Founder, International Professional Groomers Assn. will tell you all about the do’s and dont’s to cat grooming.

Meet-and-Greet TICA Breeds

Learn about some amazing cat breeds, , featuring some fantastic and friendly “Pet-Me” cats!

Hear the latest Feline Health and Genetic Researchers

Celebrity veterinarians will give you all the inside information on how to help your cat live its best and healthiest life.


Help you look the part as you pounce around the booths and activities. Get your whiskers on!

Chicago: Feline Inferno Reignited

Win a chance for a trip to the 2023 TICA Annual if vou’re entered by August 1st!

About the Great American Cat Show

From TICA’s gentle giant Maine Coon and super cuddly Ragdoll to the exotic Bengal and Sphynx cats, Chicagoans will get the rare opportunity to pet and play with most of TICA’s 73 cat breeds while learning about their rich history and attributes that may or may not make them the right breed for their family.

Visitors will have access to the Championship and Household-Pet cat show, which will be held in the same location as the GADS/IKC dog show, but on two different levels of McCormick Place’s 600,000 square foot Lake Side Center.

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