Things to Do

There are many activities for dog lovers of all ages at the Great American Dog Show. Get your tickets today!

Golden Retriever named runs

Dog Show Conformation Competition

It all starts in the breed rings that morning…Great dogs from across the country, some from around the world, meet head on. For some, the day ends there, but for others, it’s just beginning as they hoist the coveted Best of Breed ribbon high and start preparing to compete in one of seven groups later in the day, and from there, the final seven face off in the Best in Show ring. Will it be the top dog? Or maybe a dark horse? From thousands of great dogs, to hundreds, to seven, until just one dog stands alone, undefeated: Best in Show!

AKC Dog Performance Demos

Cheer as dogs race around an agility course, leap for flying Frisbees, run a relay race, sniff out hidden objects, and perform amazing tricks! How do they do that? Learn what it takes to prepare dogs for different activities. Interact with veterinarians, groomers and trainers to learn upkeep, grooming and training secrets you can use with your dog at home! Maybe your dog will be the next star! Sit. Stay. Jump. Race. It’s more than just a beauty contest. Watch amazing displays of agility as dogs leap, climb, tunnel and soar along a complicated obstacle course as they race the clock for the fastest time. Ever see a doggy relay race? It’s the loudest 20 seconds in dogs, as teams of dogs race over hurdles to catch a flying ball and back again. And for those who really have a need for speed, it’s FastCAT, a drag race for every dog! Root for your favorite—and maybe your dog could be one of them next year.

Meet the Breeds by AKC

Have you ever met a Mastiff? Petted a Puli? Wondered about a Whippet? Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with nearly 200 different breeds, from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers and everything in-between. Make friends with canine curiosities like the mop-coated Komondor, the hairless Xoloitzcuintli, the stilt-legged Azawakh and the double-jointed Lundehund. Meet regal Borzois, humongous Tibetan Mastiffs, towering Great Danes and tiny Chihuahuas. You may discover the dog of your dreams!

Rare Breeds Open Show

The Great American Dog Show continues to spotlight endangered breeds! Many of these breeds are teetering on extinction. If you’re thinking about a new dog—one you won’t see on every street corner—why not help rescue a rare breed from the brink of oblivion?

Kids Korner

Kid’s Corner and Special Events

Kids love dogs! But they also love face-painting, bouncy houses and a chance to play dog show handler themselves! Our experts will guide them in a mock dog show where they can “show” their stuffed pooch and even win ribbons!


Vendor Village/Great American Dog Show Stores

Don’t forget the swag! Jackets, shirts, caps, and all sorts of iconic GADS-branded goods. Be sure to bring something home to your friends!

Vender Village

Exhibitor Dog Grooming

Take a peek behind the scenes to see what it takes to get these pampered champions ring-ready! Talk to their owners and handlers and get a feel for being an exhibitor. Well, maybe not the whole feel—many arrive at 6 AM and won’t leave until 11 PM!

Vet and Expert Talks

Here’s your change to hear from some of the top vets, breeders, trainers and pet product experts in the country. Meet them up close, ask questions and learn more from the pros that do this for a living.

Dock Diving

Have you ever seen dogs jump up to 30 feet! You just may when you see a variety of different breeds leap with grace and agility into the pools along the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Private Group Tours

Our dog experts are available for daily private tours of the entire Great American Dog Show. Join us for this special experience, groups are limited to 8 people and space is limited

Coonhound Bench Show

See the many different breeds of coonhounds including American English, Bluetick, Treeing Walker and others up close during these special presentation and judging areas.

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